24/Apr/19 / 17:06
Hungry For Change Legislative Day on May 1 Provides Advocates and
Legislators an Opportunity to Meet and Discuss Challenges of Hunger


HARTFORD, CONN., April 24, 2019 – Hungry For Change, a project of the Connecticut Food Bank, End
Hunger Connecticut!, and Foodshare, will host its third annual legislative event on Wednesday, May 1, at the
State Capitol. The event is aimed at bringing anti-hunger organizations and advocates together with legislators
to raise awareness of hunger and food insecurity and to build connections that will help improve outcomes for
people in Connecticut who struggle with food insecurity. The event is set for May 1, from 10:30AM to 12:00PM
in the Old Judiciary Room of the State Capitol.

The event is one of two each year that the project hosts. Each fall, Hungry For Change presents a half-day
gathering of food assistance providers, human service agencies, anti-hunger advocates, and others with an
interest in strengthening communities to hear from experts in food insecurity and to exchange ideas and best
practices in fighting hunger.

“There is tremendous commitment and energy in Connecticut to end hunger,” said Connecticut Food Bank
CEO Bernie Beaudreau. “Along with Foodshare and our colleagues at End Hunger Connecticut!, we are part of
networks that work every day to support hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents in need. We want to
share that energy and urgency with legislators.”

“We have greater impact when we work together,” said Foodshare President and CEO Jason Jakubowski.
“This legislative day provides an opportunity to speak together about this critical issue and to help legislators
understand the challenge and their role in the solutions.”

“As the new leader at End Hunger Connecticut!, I look forward to meeting with legislators and my colleagues in
the fight against hunger,” said End Hunger Connecticut! Executive Director Robin Lamott Sparks. “We hope
that the day will help our networks make connections and reinforce existing relationships. Winning the fight
against hunger will take commitment from all parties.”

Hungry For Change Legislative Day is Wednesday, May 1, from 10:30AM to 12:00PM. The event is designed
as a forum for anti-hunger and advocates and legislators to meet and build connections to alleviate hunger in
Connecticut. Registration for the event is at https://hungryforchangemay1.eventbrite.com. Registration is free
of charge. Reservations for the event are required.

About Hungry For Change:
Hungry For Change is project of the Connecticut Food Bank, End Hunger Connecticut!, and Foodshare, along
with membership of their networks and allies in organizations devoted to human service and community