05/Feb/21 / 17:53

Donations From Hate Groups


Recently, representatives of the “Proud Boys” attempted to make a food donation to Connecticut Food Bank/Foodshare. This followed two attempted donations in recent weeks by the same group to partner agencies. Both agencies rejected the donations, as have we. We are sharing this information with you so you are aware that your program may be approached with a similar donation and to let you know how Connecticut Food Bank/Foodshare responded.


In accordance with our gift acceptance policies, Connecticut Food Bank/Foodshare will not accept donations of food or money from any organization labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. or the State of Connecticut.


Connecticut Food Bank/Foodshare is nonpartisan and accepts donations from organizations with differing viewpoints. However, our organization will not do business with any entity deemed to promulgate hate.


Connecticut Food Bank/Foodshare is a diverse organization serving diverse communities; we have an obligation to refuse to engage with any hate group in any form. This is a policy and decision made by Connecticut Food Bank/Foodshare. Your organization may choose to enact or enforce policies as you and your governance determine appropriate. Below are some resources on the issue that you may find helpful.



Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Map

List of known hate groups (Wikipedia)

Hartford Courant Article: Proud Boys Donate to Nonprofit – February 2, 2020

Manchester Journal-Inquirer Article: Proud Boys Making Push in Connecticut – January 29, 2020