GiveHealthy is a no-cost program that helps pantries to run or offer virtual food drives for specific items such as fresh produce, milk, eggs, and dairy. The drives can be done directly by the agency, or in partnership with local schools, businesses, or community organizations that can sponsor and host the drives themselves. Donors purchase foods and GiveHealthy arranges to deliver the donated product directly to the benefitting agency.

Key Benefits:

  • Benefitting agencies can spread out the deliveries, choosing to take portions of a drive-donated order at different times for efficient inventory management

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  • Food is delivered directly to the agency after the close of the food drive, scheduled at your convenience
  • Great supplement to traditional food drives without the logistical challenges
  • Increases the amount of fresh, whole food offered to program guests
  • On average, achieves a much higher dollar value compared with a traditional food drive
  • Provides all non-anonymous donor information from each food drive

GiveHealthy in action:

Neighbor to Neighbor in Greenwich has used GiveHealthy for more than five years, partnering with local schools and businesses and raising the amount of fresh produce provided with each order to 60% per household.

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