New Food Transfer Log available on Connecticut Foodshare Website

Food Pantries are finding many ways to deal with continuing high need in their communities along with fluctuations in food supply. Among the solutions that some of you are using is to collaborate on transferring supplies of food when needed. This can help programs avoid food waste and adjust to changes in need. Connecticut Foodshare requires that these transfers be noted on a log and provides a form for this purpose. The form will always be available on the Monthly Statistics and Reporting page.

Remember that food received from Connecticut Foodshare may only be shared with other Connecticut Foodshare partner programs in good standing with the food bank. This includes product received directly from stores through the Connecticut Foodshare Retail Rescue Program. To find out if a program is qualified to receive product, please contact us first.

The food transfer log is vital to our ability to maintain continuity of stock that is required by Feeding America. The log should be kept on site at your program and be made available to Connecticut Foodshare staff upon request. Food should not be transferred on a regular, on-going basis. If it is happening more than a couple of times per month, please contact your Network Relations Representative so we can work with you to find a longer-term solution.

Important note for TEFAP programs: TEFAP product cannot be transferred to other programs. If you have surplus TEFAP product, contact your Network Relations Representative so we can support you in next steps.

Collaborations on food and in other ways, including sharing operating schedules, can help neighbors in need get more access to food at more times. We are here to help with your efforts to collaborate. Talk to your Network Relations Representative if you have ideas to share or questions.