Scammers Targeting SNAP Recipients

Recent reports have surfaced of scams targeting participants in SNAP. Scammers are “skimming” EBT cards and stealing money/benefits directly from the card. In other cases, SNAP recipients are getting text messages that claim to be from a State of Connecticut number and telling them their card has been blocked, asking them to tap on a link to fix it.

Below is some guidance from the Connecticut Department of Social Services. A detailed news release from DSS is here.

IMPORTANT: We have received reports that individuals are receiving text messages similar to the one below from an alleged State of CT email address. This is a scam, and the sender should be ignored/blocked. DSS is not sending text messages for any programs at this time. If individuals may have responded and provided their EBT information, they should immediately call 1-888-328-2666 to cancel their card and request a new one.

Here is an example of the “phishing” text:

The best way to protect against this is to change your pin # as soon as possible and do not reply to any texts requesting your card information!