14/Nov/19 / 13:08 / Paul Shipman

Member Agencies are the Heart of Our Work   Our Mobile Pantry and Pop-Up Pantry programs have been getting lots of attention. They are great ways to fill gaps in our network, but they are not intended to replace community agencies with roots and relationships that build trust. These programs are ways to distribute foods […]

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14/Nov/19 / 12:50 / Paul Shipman

TEFAP and Trade Mitigation are changing the way our orders look and affecting our distribution.   Current trade mitigation efforts are resulting in a flood of TEFAP foods across the Feeding America food bank network that have an impact on what we stock and how we are able to distribute food. TEFAP (The Emergency Food […]

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Waste Not, Want Not

29/Aug/19 / 11:10 / Paul Shipman

Innovative Waste Management Saves Funds, Reduces Environmental Impact The Connecticut Food Bank provides nutritious food to people in need, helping to both fight hunger and to reduce waste by rescuing food. Thanks to a new resource, we are doing more to assure that the foods we can’t distribute don’t take up space in landfills.   […]

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