During Hunger Action Month in September, Feeding America, its member food banks, and network partners join to raise awareness of food insecurity and inspire action to solve hunger. This year’s theme is Food Shouldn’t Be An Impossible Choice.

We will post throughout the month on social media, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what we are doing and share our posts to your networks.

Hunger Action Day is Friday, September 17. It’s a great day to consider inviting your local elected officials to visit your program. Invite your Mayor, First Selectperson, and Council Members. If you have a day with an active distribution, consider inviting them to see your team in action. Some other ideas:

  • Share a story from a client that has made an impression on you and your team.
  • Share a volunteer’s story – why they volunteer and what it means to them.
  • Share a statistic about the demand for food you have seen in the last year and how you had to adapt to operations during the pandemic.

Connecticut Food Bank | Foodshare will present Walk Against Hunger on September 18. It is our flagship community-wide event that draws thousands each year to voice support and raise funds. Learn more and register here.

Some facts about hunger in Connecticut and the impact of the pandemic are available here.