The Connecticut Food Bank | Foodshare Board of Directors has voted to approve staff’s recommendation to waive all fees for network partners for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2021, and ending June 30, 2022. 

The vote means that partner agencies will pay no fees for membership, delivery, or for shared maintenance fees on food in the new fiscal year. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic created massive need in our communities and partners stepped up to get food to struggling households,” said Connecticut Food Bank | Foodshare CEO Jason Jakubowski.  

Recognizing the pressure the pandemic put on partners, the food bank waived fees during the last fiscal year. Generous financial support from the public in the past year will help us continue to suspend fees throughout the new fiscal year ending June 30, 2022, as the need for food and operational challenges continue for many partners. 

“Waiving fees for the next twelve months is another way we are working together to put more resources into communities,” Jakubowski said. 

The waiver of all fees means that agencies will not receive monthly statements for the next year. Any existing account balances will be cleared. “Statements won’t be necessary because partners will not need to watch for credits or worry about low balances,” said Chief Network and Program Officer Chris O’Rourke.  

It will take us a little time to make all of these changes in our accounting and warehouse systems, so you may not see all of this reflected on your accounts immediately. Thank you in advance for your patience. 

The fee waiver for all partner agencies and balance clearances will take effect July 1. The waiver is valid throughout the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022. Partners with questions about the waiver should reach out to their Network Relations Representative.