New DoorDash partnerships are on pause for the remainder of the calendar year. If you are interested, please check back in January.

If you are exploring home delivery options for your program and the people you serve, DoorDash has a no-cost solution that may work for you.

Working directly with DoorDash, your agency can work with their trained and screened Dashers to create a delivery program at no cost for neighbors in need with barriers to access including transportation challenges, work schedules, childcare obligations, stigma, and more.

Project Dash delivery service is now available to Connecticut Foodshare partners to help them reach neighbors with food when and where they need it. Watch this recording of the introductory meeting.

It’s easy for you to get started with DoorDash. Watch the video presentation from Doug Murphy at DoorDash. You can email him with any questions or to get started.

Below are links to information on other food bank partnerships with DoorDash:

Project Dash helps NYC’s food insecure

Table to Table and DoorDash Partner to Support New Jersey Neighbors in Need

Food pantry, delivery service launch pilot program in Douglas County

Doug Murphy from DoorDash is available to answer questions. You can email him at