Will You Stand With Us At Connecticut Food Bank?

04/Jun/20 / 18:00
A Statement from Connecticut Food Bank on the Death of George Floyd


Our mission at Connecticut Food Bank is to provide nutritious food to people in need. That has become increasingly important in the disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Access to food is not only a human need, it is a human right. Since early March, when the pandemic caused an economic shutdown, Connecticut Food Bank has distributed enough food to provide nearly 8.4 million meals through its network of partners and programs, including distribution of food at 100 mobile sites. This is not possible without your help. But we must do more. And we must do more than keep the food moving.


Events of the past week have shown once again that, for many people in our communities, this pandemic is only one way they suffer.


George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis has provided a stark reminder that people of color in our nation struggle disproportionately to attain their basic, human rights. We are saddened by Mr. Floyd’s senseless death and join with people and organizations across the nation in saying that we must stand against racism and the corrosive effect it has on our neighbors and our communities.


Black households face hunger at more than twice the rate of white households. That indicator is part of a vicious cycle of poverty, poor health, and higher unemployment that is driven by persistent, systemic discrimination, and bias.


Connecticut Food Bank is committed to alleviating hunger in the six counties we serve. And we are committed to fighting hunger by advocating with people who struggle to put food on the table because they are unable to earn enough to house, feed, and clothe themselves and their loved ones. This means we stand with people in our community who deserve equal rights, equal dignity, and equal opportunity.


Our daily work is the fight against hunger. In the grip of a pandemic that affects us all, we have stepped forward with your help to meet the growing need. We thank you, and we hope we can continue to count on your support as we fight to ensure that all our neighbors can move out of the food line and into lives of safety, opportunity, and dignity.


For more information about what we are doing to meet needs in this pandemic, click here.