Connecticut Food Bank & Foodshare Rebrand as “Connecticut Foodshare”

31/Aug/21 / 21:07 / Paul Shipman

Wallingford, Conn., September 1, 2021 – Seven months after a historic merger between the state’s two largest nonprofit anti-hunger organizations, Connecticut Food Bank and Foodshare have a new name: Connecticut Foodshare.   “We began with two organizations that both had incredibly strong followings in Connecticut, so we were hoping to find some way to preserve […]

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Food Rescue US and Connecticut Food Bank / Foodshare Partner to Fight Food Insecurity

04/Aug/21 / 14:40 / Paul Shipman

Stamford, CT–This month Food Rescue US and Connecticut Food Bank / Foodshare announced a new partnership after piloting a program between the two organizations. The partnership is a long-hoped-for goal for both organizations, but more importantly, a massive boon to the community both serve.   “With nearly half a million people in Connecticut struggling with […]

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