Donations of Stock

Thank you for your interest in supporting Connecticut Foodshare.  The information needed to transfer stock is below. Please email or call us the day the transfer is made and provide us with the name or symbol of the security being gifted and the amount/number of shares.  Email Beverly Catchpole at or call her at (203) 741- 9216.

Connecticut Food Bank’s brokerage firm: Charles Schwab
DTC participant number: 0164
Code: 40
For credit to account number: 8074-6633
Account Name: Connecticut Foodshare , Inc.

Our representative at Fiducient Advisors:
Duncan Harris
Fiducient Advisors Inc.
1700 W. Madison St. Suite 1700
Chicago, IL, 60661
Direct:  312-759-1636
Main:  312-853-1000