Donations of Stock

It’s easy to donate shares of stock to Connecticut Foodshare.

Direct your broker to
Connecticut Foodshare’s brokerage firm:
Charles Schwab
DTC participant number: 0164
Code: 40
For credit to account number: 8074-6633
Account Name: Connecticut Foodshare, Inc.

Our representative at Fiducient Advisors:
Duncan Harris
Fiducient Advisors Inc.
1700 W. Madison St. Suite 1700
Chicago, IL, 60661
Direct:  312-759-1636
Main:  312-853-1000

Please email or call us the day the transfer is made and provide us with the name or symbol of the security being gifted and the amount/number of shares so we can process your gift to the food bank. Email Beverly Catchpole at or call her at (203) 741- 9216.