Connecticut Foodshare recognizes that food insecurity is the result of systemic inequities and disparities, and that food alone cannot result in sustainable, long-term solutions., We have prioritized our government partnerships to advocate for strong, person-centered policies. We focus on the autonomy and expertise of individuals with lived experience and are working to ensure that we leverage our relationships to create opportunities by which the critical and necessary feedback provided by these individuals can be shared first-hand. You can follow us on social media to learn more about our policy and advocacy work, and to stay up to date on the latest news. We look forward to continuing to build these partnerships and opportunities going forward.


We’re working in coalition with other anti-hunger nonprofits to advocate for a permanent, Free School Meals for All program here in Connecticut. To learn more about the benefits of Free School Meals visit:

You can stay up to date on the work of the State Legislature by visiting their website.

Use this tool from the Connecticut State Legislature to find your State Representatives and Senators.

Many state government proceedings are covered by CT-N, the Connecticut Network. Visit their website.

Federal Legislative Issues

Get Informed

Federal funding for food assistance is addressed in several areas. We work in coalition with other Feeding America network food banks from across the country to advocate on these important programs. Take a moment to learn more about three important areas of influence through these helpful summaries from Feeding America.

The Farm Bill

The Child Nutrition Reauthorization

Appropriations, Budget and Taxes