Connecticut Food Bank Staff Highlight: Derek Cable

30/Aug/17 / 14:03

There are many people at the Connecticut Food Bank who help to source, package and transport the food that reaches you and the people you serve. In this ongoing feature, we will help you get to know some of the team. This month, we’re chatting with Derek Cable, our Food Safety and Process Improvement Manager.

What do you do at the Connecticut Food Bank?

As the Food Safety and Process Control Manager, I implement, update, train and audit all Food Safety SOPs (standard operating procedures), as well as safety programs, sortation and volunteer engagement within the sortation room. With the ever-growing presence of food safety regulations within Food Banks, Feeding America and government agencies, my position is poised to ensure that all food safety requirements are in place, adhered to and kept current as new or updated regulations occur.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Educating everyone on food safety.

What is the biggest logistical challenge you face in your position?

It can be tough to coordinate availability to train and educate affiliates of the Food Bank.

What would you want people to know about your position?

Food Safety is all about the possibility of food contamination and or adulteration. Food safety personnel must look at every possible scenario, from least likely to most likely, and determine if there is a high risk, as well as what to do to prevent, isolate, control or eliminate the risk. The resolutions are not usually the easiest, or most wanted resolution, but through investigation and research, they are usually the best solution to protect people against food borne illnesses.

Why is food insecurity important to you?

Food is a basic necessity. I believe that as human beings, our basic necessities should never be something anyone should have to worry about having or providing for themselves or their family.

What is your favorite recipe to make and/or eat?

My favorite foods are my wife’s chocolate chip cookies and her apple and pumpkin pies.