Pop-Up Pantries Scheduled in Wallingford and Bridgeport Warehouses

20/Aug/19 / 13:39

When fresh foods or unforeseen donations permit, Pop-Up Pantries are a way to quickly offer foods to people in need.

Shoppers were able to select from a range of fresh and nonperishable foods at a recent Pop-Up Pantry at the Bridgeport warehouse.

Pop-Up Pantries are an opportunity for the Connecticut Food Bank to offer special distributions when food supplies permit. Recently, we hosted Pop-Up Pantry events at both our Wallingford and Bridgeport locations. We share a calendar of all Connecticut Food Bank Mobile Pantries and Pop-Up Pantries on this calendar. A searchable list of our partner agencies is available here.


We recently offered a Pop-Up shopping day for partner agencies. We offered a selection of items that were unusual amounts or sizes.


Volunteers from United Bank helped to organize foods and greet shoppers at a Pop-Up Pantry in Wallingford.